Dark nights and having our dreams of travel curtailed leave us yearning for the warmth of foreign shores. One evocative way to capture the magic of the exotic is through the power of scent.

Inspired by both the Eastern promise of Dubai and the enchantment of Marrakesh, fusing together to capture a fragrance like no other, Oud Vermillion is an eternally desirable declaration of your identity.

Oud Vermillion Pour Femme and Oud Vermillion Pour Homme are exquisite scents where iconic meets contemporary and where the influences from foreign shores last throughout the day or evening.

Oud Vermillion Pour Femme comes in a stunning, heavy-duty bottle that not only looks striking as it adorns your dressing table but with its gold embossed labelling on bold red pantone, simply emanates luxury.

Oud Vermillion Pour Homme with its bold, heavy-duty black bottling with embossed gold labelling echoes luxury, sophistication and superiority.